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Cloud 9 Stops My Period Cramps. How?!

Every 28 days or so, I get hit with the feeling of a blender (and / or a bowling ball) in my uterus. It always rolls around faster than I expect. I’m talking about period cramps, and if you get them, you know they’re the absolute worst. Some doctors even say period pain is as painful as a heart attack. Period cramps are pretty much the only situation where I used to resort to painkillers, right away. Usually when it comes to healing my body when I’m tired or unwell, I look for natural remedies first or wait out the symptoms. But my cramps are usually so excruciatingly painful I just need them to. freaking. stop. For those of you that experience painful cramps, you know what I mean.

Until… *drumroll please* I discovered essential oils.

I was surprised when they worked really well. Not only for my cramps, but also bloating, mood and backaches associated with PMS. If you’re a skeptic like me, you’re probably interested in a breakdown of the ingredients and how / why they work. So let’s dive in!

I’m going to spend the most amount of time talking about the most prominent oil for PMS, Clary Sage. Clary Sage can single handedly get you through your cramps and pain every month. Not even kidding - this is the holy grail. You can say goodbye to bloating, mood swings, sweet cravings and other period woes by simply inhaling this oil. We also recommend applying it to your abdomen! Clary sage helps with heavy menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances and hot flashes, too. It’s known for its ability to increase circulation and support the digestive system, too. Seriously, Google it!

The MOST interesting thing (and what I found incredibly comforting when I applied it) is that clary sage has warming components. A perfect combo with your hot water bottle. It helps with cramps because it is antispasmodic, so it treats spasms, muscle cramps and stomach aches by RELAXING THE NERVE IMPULSES WE CAN’T CONTROL. HOW COOL.

Curious about how clary sage affects hormones? Well, it contains natural phytoestrogens, which are referred to as “dietary estrogens” that are derived from plants and not within the endocrine system. It regulates estrogen levels and ensures the long term health of the uterus - reducing the chances of uterine and ovarian cancer. SAY WHATTT. Many health issues like PCOS are caused by excess estrogen in the body. Because clary sage helps balance out those estrogen levels, it’s a super effective essential oil. It gets better though - a 2014 study published in the Journal of Phytotherapy Research found that inhalation of clary sage oil had the ability to reduce cortisol levels by 36 percent and improved thyroid hormone levels. It even works as an effective natural remedy to depression. Guys, I could go on and on about it’s anxiety relieving effects too, but this article is about periods - so that’s enough for now.

On to peppermint essential oil. This one is fabulous, not only because it smells amazing but it can relieve headaches and inflammation, while boosting energy. Since our fluctuating hormone levels can make us feel tired, some peppermint EO can help with that!

Geranium essential oil has a regulating effect on the nervous system and aids with depression, anxiety and fear. It has a positive and uplifting scent and is literally the happiest EO ever. It restores emotional balance and it’s recommended for both acute and chronic anxiety.

Since geranium also is good for the adrenal cortex, it helps to regulate the release of hormones, too. It’s especially effective in cases of puberty, PMS, menopause and can held with fluid retention and to relieve pain in tender breasts.

Citrusy bergamot is both uplifting AND calming. Bergamot is great for alleviating stress and anxiety. It revives your emotions and uplifts your mood. Believe it or not, it simultaneously reduces your heart and blood pressure, allowing your body to recover from stressors.

And a little bit of Vitamin E - how come?

Vitamin E can aid with pain AND heavy periods. It’s been found to combat menstrual migraines, breast tenderness and pain. You’ve heard this a lot by now, but Vitamin E ALSO helps to keep hormones balanced. You’ll likely feel more energetic too.

Vitamin E is in Cloud 9 because it’s particularly great for people who experience severely painful periods. If this is you, or you dysmenorrhea, you may want to speak to your doctor about taking Vitamin E supplements, as well.

So there you have it! Try it out for yourself. We made a unique blend with these ingredients. It’s one of our bestsellers and it’s called Cloud 9.

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