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Seed Cycling For Balanced Hormones (& A Superfood Overnight Oats Recipe)

Seed cycling is a food-based method you can use to balance your hormones and regulate your cycle. If you have hormone-related issues like PMS, cyclical...

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Does your period cycle give you superpowers?

Your period cycle is made up of four very distinct phases, and each phase includes a range of changes to your mind and body. As...


Period Glossary

Products Tampons are a menstrual hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Its purpose is to prevent menstrual fluid from leaking onto...


All About Tampons

Tampons...aii! They can seriously be so intimidating. You are putting a foreign object straight up your vagina after all. There’s fears over losing tampons up there or...


Everything You Need to Know About Tampon Applicators

It’s that time of the month again! Your period has started and you’re ready to kick ass as usual, as soon as you get yours...


A History of Tampons

Today, tampons are a popular form of period hygiene care. Their convenience and compactness have many women Have you ever wondered where that small wad...


First Period on the Way?

Hey #BlumeBabe first period still on the way? Your first period brings many questions – What is a period? Why am I bleeding? Did I...


What is a period?

Have you just started your first period? Or, maybe you want to know what to expect when your period arrives? Getting your period for the...


Wait, there's a tax on tampons?

Did you know that the government thinks tampons are a ‘luxury’ and in many places, charge a tax on them? Wait … what? First of...