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Types of Products

When it comes to period products, you have options!  We’re talking about pads, tampons, menstrual cups, period panties, and more. There’s no right or wrong...

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Period Cycle

It’s important to note that every girl* experiences her period differently. Buckle up because this may come as a surprise – your ‘monthly’ cycle doesn’t...


How much blood is too much?

How do you determine how much period blood you’re losing each period? Well, blood loss during menstruation can vary among different women depending on a...


Paid Period Leave… Yes Please!

Have you ever been sitting behind your desk at work and you’ve come over with a wave of period cramping? If you have then you...


Keep Period Cramps Away Before Your Summer Vacay

Periods don’t have to stop you from having a blast on your vacay, but menstrual cramps may make you feel a little down in the...



PMS is a set of physical and emotional responses to the hormone levels changing in your body. It is a combination of symptoms you may...


Tracking Your Period

To know your body better, it’s important to track your period cycle so that you can recognize any changes in your period or your health.  You...


Flying Solo: What To Do When Airports Fail Your Period!

What if instead of girls and women having to face this challenge, menstrual hygiene products were always available, just like how toilet paper is always...


50 Shades of Blood: What Your Period Blood Color Says About Your Health

Why The Color of your Period Blood Matters Period blood is always a fun conversation topic right? But it’s such an important topic to talk...