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During Menstrual Hygiene Month, every purchase of Cloud 9 will give a girl in need access to safe, washable and long-lasting period care products along with health education resources.

The limited access to hygienic period products impacts millions of women and girls around the world. Many of those affected, miss out on education, and job opportunities simply due to their periods. We’re looking to change this.

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Let's take action

Your purchase of Cloud 9 will help contribute to a movement that has already changed the lives of 1 million girls. This translates into over 115 million days of dignity, health and opportunity.

What’s included in 1 Period Kit:

  • 2 Shields (resuable pad)

  • 8 Liners

  • 2 Pair of panties

  • 1 Washcloth

  • 1 Travel size soap

  • 1 Additional freezer bag (for her dirty liners and to use for washing)

  • 1 Pictorial Care & Use instruction sheet and a Menstrual tracking chart

To learn more about the kit you can also visit here.

The Impact of 1 Period Kit

A 3 year solution to help girls manage their periods

Helps ensure girls aren't missing school and other opportunities due to their periods

An important way to spur conversations about health, leadership, & safety

What does it do?

Fights cramps, balances hormones and calms pms symptoms.  Essential oils are an amazing natural treatment for all symptoms of PMS.

How to use

Apply Cloud 9 to your abdomen, wrists or chest in circular motions, five to ten times. Relax, take a few deep breaths and let it work it’s magic.


jojoba*, essential oils*: clary sage*, peppermint*, geranium*, bergamot*, lemon*, non-gmo vegetable source vitamin e– * organic


BPA free, gluten free, aluminum free, paraben free, alcohol free, no added fragrance, vegan, cruelty free, organic

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