Blume 100% Organic Cotton Pads


Organic Pads

16 Pack
Our daytime and overnight pads are breathable, comfortable and absorbent. Designed to fit you, our pads mold into the shape of your body and barely show, so you can still wear your favourite pants.  

We offer both day pads and overnight pads, so you’re always protected. They have wings to help them fit securely, and are individually wrapped in biodegradable purse packs for convenience.
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Inner peace for your inner lining.

Our tampons & pads are 100% organic cotton, giving you inner peace for your inner lining.

  • 100% organic cotton

  • Regular or overnight

  • Superior leak protection

  • Wings for a secure fit

What do I need to know?

Pads are external period products, that sit on top of your underwear and outside your body. One side of the pad (the back) is sticky and attaches to your panties. The other side is soft and absorbent and is designed to catch and absorb your period.  Made of only 100% organic cotton, our pads better for your body and the environment (did we mention they’re biodegradable)?!

Day Pads

Regular pads have a medium absorbency, are medium length and medium thickness. They’re the most popular and most commonly used. Regular pads hold up to 5-8ml of period blood and generally need changing every 4 hours.

Overnight Pads

Overnight pads are used for heavy flows or overnight for maximum protection. They can hold up to 10-15ml of period blood.  Maxi pads tend to be longer, and stay in place while you’re sleeping to avoid any leaks. If you have a heavy flow, these pads will help you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Blume Box

The box that goes with your flow

Your body’s too busy to be worrying about buying tampons and pads. Build a Blume Box and we’ll ship it straight to your doorstep.

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